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ILP Best Paper Awards

Best paper awards are an old tradition for the ILP conference, constantly supported over the years by Springer and the Machine Learning journal. This year we have three best paper awards, one for a best ILP paper and two for the best student papers.

  • The Best ILP paper was selected from the ILP papers submitted to the IJCLR’s journal track (the special issue on Learning & Reasoning) and the ILP conference track. It is accompanied by a 1,000 euros prize, kindly provided by Springer.

    The ILP best paper award goes to:

    Tony Ribeiro, Maxime Folschette, Morgan Magnin and Katsumi Inoue
    Learning Any Memoryless Discrete Semantics for Dynamical Systems Represented by Logic Programs

  • The first best student paper was selected from the ILP papers submitted to IJCLR’s journal track and the second one was selected from the papers submitted to the ILP conference track. Each award is accompanied by a 750 euros prize, kindly provided by the Machine Learning journal.

    The ILP best student paper awards go to:

    Best student paper (journal track):
    Stassa Patsantzis, Stephen H. Muggleton
    Top Program Construction and Reduction for Polynomial Time Meta-Interpretive Learning

    Best student paper (conference track):
    Thais Luca, Aline Paes and Gerson Zaverucha
    Mapping Across Relational Domains for Transfer Learning with Word Embeddings-based Similarity